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Finding peace in dreams

A little about me...

There's not much to know. I'm a dreamer wishing to be free of this physical form. But when that fails, I usually pass for a twenty-six year old living in the United States. I graduated from a community college in Southern California with an AA in GE. I do have hopes of returning to school, but only after I find something to do as a career. Right now, I'm back in beautiful Hawaii, working at the ice cream shop again.

I can easily be distracted by shiny or cute things. Cuddly kittens, puppies and hamsters are just a few.

For the most part, I am friendly and do not bite. ^_~ I whine, but I don't bite. :p

~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~ My obsessions ~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~:+:~

~:+:~:+:~ Star Wars ~:+:~:+:~

Click to visit Across the Stars
This link will take you to an RP forum started by my friend, moth_in_flamez and her friend soundingfurrows. It is for the serious role players who have a love of Star Wars. Come, join the fun and role play as any character. From Bounty Hunters to New Republic Senators, we do our best to keep this RP forum as active and as accurate to the Star Wars Universe. ((Currently on Hold))

:Jedi Mind Trick: Click the link

~:+:~:+:~ Xenosaga ~:+:~:+:~

Click to visit Heaven Unsolved
All images of chaos that are used in my journal are from a site called Heaven Unsolved. The web mistress of this web site has done an excellent job collecting and putting together images and information about this character. It is with her permission that I am able to use images of my favorite Xenosaga character. Check it out! It's an awesome website!

~:+:~:+:~ Gaia Avatar ~:+:~:+:~

Proud member of Gaia Online since August 18, 2003.
This is Civeta Syra, my first Gaia avatar. She is based off a character created in my head for an RP that was started long ago. Yes, I do have other avatars. No, I will not list them. :p

~:+:~:+:~ These are a few of my favorite things ~:+:~:+:~
My favorite words are inspire/inspiration and dream.
My favorite number is 4
My favorite color is silver, or a light steely gray
And if above said does not count as a color, then most shades of blue and purple will serve as a color favorite
I like dark chocolate. And whoever said white chocolate tastes like regular chocolate should be shot with a water gun filled with fruit punch!! White chocolate does NOT taste like regular chocolate!!
My favorite words to replace a curse are fwippin' and squeakin'.
One of my favorite foods to eat is sekihan, also known as, Japanese red bean rice
InuYasha is currently my favorite manga. SO WHAT??
I've been reading way to much Paranormal Rormance recently. I think I just killed my eyesight...